Trebeschi Spazzole S.r.l. is an industrial brushes manufacturing company since 1973 located in Lombardy in the North of Italy. We can manufacture customized brushes for several sectors: for wood and metal processing, for textiles, for labellers, for food industry and many Others.

Our values:

  • 40 years of experience and two generations of manufacturing and know how;
  • customized production, made in Italy, fit to the specific customers’ requests;
  • accurate research about materials and sizes;
  • full technical support to our clients before and after sale
  • flexibility: we are available for any request or suggestion in order to obtain perfect results in brushing, sanding, cleaning, for ageing wood, marble, stone and granite, for alloy-wheels deburring and many other.

this means very high quality brushes

Our engineers always look for new and innovative solutions, by studying and developing new brushes. We cooperate with the most important italian wood and metal brushing machines manufacturers, to better understand our customers’ exigencies.

Our Staff works every day to manufacture very high quality items, as in the best traditional italian manufacturing.

Our Sales department will be glad to help you step by step in finding the brush you need.